Supahands' Workplace


At Supahands, communication is literally our key to scale. Our primary operations rely heavily on the communication between project managers and our fleet of SupaAgents (on-demand workers), to ensure all project tasks and assignments are completed with care and precision.


Supahands' Workplace is an Operations Management System worked by multiple designers, product managers and developers. The team moves very quickly to solve problems related to operations scalability and efficiency.

General Problem: As we scaled, the number of projects and SupaAgents grew rapidly. Project Managers also needs to allocate more time handle to communications and distribution of projects to our pool of SupaAgents. How can we minimize Project Managers' time and make sure SupaAgents will keep using Supahands Platform to earn money?


  • Me (UI/UX) - Continuously working on this
  • Andy (UI/UX) - End 2017 to Early 2018
  • Faiz (UI/UX) - Only until early 2017
  • Bhargavi (Product Manager)
  • Mabel (Product Manager)
  • Luc (Dev)
  • Breena (Dev)
  • Khaled (Dev)
  • Yeong (Dev)
  • Current Team:

  • Me (UI/UX + Minor Dev)
  • Bhargavi (Product Manager)
  • Breena (Dev)
  • Khaled (Dev)
  • Tools: Sketch App, Marvel App, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

    Process: We adopted Soptify's Squad as our Product Development Framework. Each Squad has autonomy to decide what to build, how to build it, and how to work together while building it. Although we need to be aligned to the Squad mission, product strategy, and short term goals. In this Squads, I as a product designer will identify the key problems that we are solving and suggest the best UX solutions. I will also take charge on delivering pixel perfect User Interfaces for each features. User testings were always carried out to validate design solutions both for Project Managers and SupaAgents. Depending on the complexity of the feature, more user testings are conducted if required.

    As the craft of Web design continues to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of web pages. Each User Interfaces contains multiple components. With Atomic Design Methodology, I can focus on the problem and development can be kickstarted faster.

    Each designs are tested using Marvel App Protoyping tool with key users.

    Solution: To achieve economies of scale and to remain lean, Supahands had to begin facilitating our processes with automation. Furthermore, to encourage a happy pool of SupaAgents, bright colors and illustrations are used widely across Supahands' Workplace.

    Introducing Supahands Workplace, a platform that serves as a digital project management tool for our operations workforce (project managers and SupaAgents). It is equipped with automation features that improve routing of work and task efficiency.

    1. Join Projects Instantly
    Instead of sending back-and-forth requests for project delegation, SupaAgents can view all available projects on Workplace, along with all the necessary information they need before starting.

    2. Work Execution and Submission on the Platform
    With Supahands Workplace, we’ve created a working platform for our operations workforce, that allows all work to be executed and submitted in real-time. This caters for increased accuracy and automatic deduplication of data point, while also reducing project execution time.

    3. Better Security
    To answer our client’s security concern on data leakages, we adopted the idea of data slicing (a method to segment a large amount of data into smaller segments) on Supahands Workplace. Hence, SupaAgents who work on a project are only granted access to their own data output, thus preventing any chances of data leaking.

    4. Track working progress
    This feature was built for SupaAgents who prefer working on multiple projects at the same time. Supahands Workplace contains a record of all current and historical projects. This allows them to keep track of all their projects, and manage their time better.

    5. Project and Personal Rating
    As an initiative to promote quality work, each SupaAgent has a rating score that’s based on the average rating of all completed tasks. This also allows our platform engine and Project Managers to better select SupaAgents when it comes to a challenging task.

    The Future of Supahands Workplace
    In the near future, we aim to incorporate more automation and security features on the platform. Ultimately, we envision Supahands Workplace as our primary product platform; a platform that will seamlessly connect our clients to the thousands of curated and managed SupaAgents across Southeast Asia, providing them with the best of on-demand, crowdsourcing solutions:

    “The ease of increasing workforce capacity, to optimise cost and time for a project.”